It was at the end of June 1995 when Indalecio Martín and his wife, Pilar Gutiérrez, opened the doors of La Brasa restaurant.

They had a dream: to provide the south of the island with a place to eat good grilled meat and roast lamb, since at that time most of the good meat restaurants were in the north of the island.

Over the years, with effort and hard work, they became entrenched in the customs of locals and tourists, who enjoyed the wines and meats that Indi "put" on the grill, the conversations and meetings, which sometimes lasted until the dawn. The memory of those days is still engraved on our walls, which today, as then, continues to be a place for conversation and enjoyment around the best meats, good wines and the grill.

Since then, avoiding moments as difficult as they are crucial, the essence of that first food house that its founders once dreamed of has been maintained.

Today, twenty-five years later, and run by their children, the restaurant preserves its principles and values, focusing on offering a true carnivorous pleasure and has become a temple for lovers of meat and good food, treasuring some "immovable" dishes from that first menu of 1995 that, in combination with other more "modern" ones, allow us to assure you an authentic gastronomic experience.

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